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“We did not have any place where we could share our feelings but thanks to Seeds of Awareness we got a place where we feel safe to share” – Children of Mitha Nagar

“Before Seeds of Awareness sessions the break time was unsafe as boys would touch girls just like that, but after the sessions the boys have really been careful and would say sorry if there would be touching and pushing” - Children of Pahadi school

“Seeds of awareness sessions have really been very useful and the sessions make us think really deep and it makes us question about ourselves and the community” - A Boy from Vinay school

“There is a slow but steady change in the behaviour of the children and the children are being very disciplined and listening to us” - The fellows of MHB school.

  • Our journey started several years ago, through extensive trial and testing we’ve developed our Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) programs, which continue to grow
  • Worked with over 5000 youth - from various socio-economic strata
  • Facilitated CSE programs in schools and NGOs : Teach for India (15+ Mumbai Schools); Oberoi International School, DY Patil School, Hill Spring International School, Bombay International School, Rasbihari International School, Nasik
  • Workshops & programs in NGOs : Antarang, Muktangan, Akanksha, Sneha, Saathi, Bal jeevan and Catalyst for Social Action (Pune, Indore and Ujjyain), Naandi Foundation,17000 ft Foundation
  • Began institutionalising CSE and building capacity of CSE facilitators by initiating Certificate in Comprehensive Sexuality Education and Effective Facilitation accredited by Tata Institute of Social Sciences
  • Collaborated with Leena Yadav to make films for a digital program of CSE that will use adaptive learning techniques