"It is more than what you think"

At Seeds of Awareness, we believe that Sexual Health is much more than just sex education and AIDS. The World Health Organization defines Comprehensive Sexual Health as a “state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality”.

So when we say we’ve endeavoured to teach sexual health comprehensively, it means we encompass subjects like Gender, Relationships, Body Image, Reproductive Health, Violence, Conditioning and the right to make Informed Decisions about one’s own Sexuality.


Safe sexual being

Safe and consual sex, safe positive touch, No harassment, abuse or violence

Right of choice

sexuality, Sexual orientation, Reproduction, Relationships, partners,, Sex, Beliefs, values, Desires


Healthy, Unhealthy, Friendships, Feelings, Communication, Gender


Anatomy, Reproductive health, Adolscent development,, puberity, contraception, Sexually transmitted infections and power & control

Informed Decision Making

Decisions based on awareness of facts, values, beliefs, ,choices and desire, not out of coercion, fear, pressure

 Culture and Conditioning

Gender, Silence, stigma, shame, Reputation, morality, Lack of spaces to discuss and learn